Roblox Studio becoming unpinned from taskbar

On Windows PC, you are able to right-click a task in the taskbar, and click a option from a list that says “Pin this program to taskbar”. This is a feature of windows that I use frequently for Roblox studio other programs.

When Roblox Studio updates, it seems that the taskbar loses it’s pinned reference to Roblox Studio. About once a week I notice that I will start Roblox studio from the website and I will have an old version of studio pinned in my taskbar, and I will have another icon in my task bar of the current studio. If the references were the same, it would use the same icon and look like the pinned version is open.

My work around is to… after every Roblox update (I assume), unpin the previously pinned studio, and pin a new open one.

I consider this a bug and not a feature request because Roblox Studio’s interaction with Windows is the opposite of how it is expected to function.


This is because the executable path changes every time Roblox updates. This would be a feature request rather than a bug because this behavior is intentional on their part.

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I know that if you get the direct executable and pin it instead of the shortcut, it will work without having to update it. Hopefully they didn’t change it

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A good feature request too. For those of us on laptops w/ descrete GPUs, it’s a pain to have to go and switch the new executable to use the GPU instead of CPU every update. (I’m aware that I can make the GPU the default)

What is the intention behind changing the filepath of the executable?

Its for version control, each folder is different named, like a md5 hash or something, so i assume they can just use the folder names to check version.

Though it has annoying side effects, such as

  • spam entries in the firewall for roblox
  • becoming unpinned (this thread)
  • any shortcuts to the executables are broken each update.

I moved this thread to Feature Requests as this behavior is an unfortunate side effect of an intentional system.

yeah I don’t have this issue, I’m confused


my shortcut is linked to that exe and it never changes

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Even more frustrating is that Roblox studio returns to the taskbar on OS X each update forcing me to remove it once again every few days.

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