Roblox studio blue outline?

I’ve been on the platform for a while now and have never seen this before. I hope its an easy fix because its really driving me crazy!

There is a weird blue outline (only in studio) that surrounds the screen. When I change the screen resolution in the test menu the blue box moves to surround the screen dimensions.

Does anyone know about this? I feel stupid even asking!


This is a UI feature that’s been around for ages, and was recently temporarily disabled because of the docking update. It was just re-enabled.

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What is the purpose of it? Is there a way to change / disable?

It shows whether ur playing server/client. It’s a UX feature. Why would you want to disable it?

Its just one of those things like how we all have placements for the output, explorer, etc. Just something that I’m not used to seeing (its not a problem if it can’t be disabled).