Roblox Studio BuiltIn Manager - Install plugins with higher permissions!

BuiltIn Manager

BuiltIn Manager is a tool created to make adding and removing BuiltIn plugins easier! This tool will automatically disable a Roblox Studio flag in order to allow custom BuiltIn plugins to be run, as well as provides an interface to manage currently installed BuiltIn plugins.
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What are BuiltIns?

BuiltIns are plugins that are provided by Roblox as part of Roblox Studio. They are built into the installation, hence the name. These plugins get access to more things than regular plugins.

Why should I use this tool?

Some plugin creators find the current limitations of regular plugins frustrating. Although this won’t solve every problem with them, it allows a bit more freedom for plugins installed using it.

How do I use this tool?

Using this tool is easy! To get started, go to the releases page and download the builtinmanager.exe file from the latest release. From there,

  1. Open the tool.
  2. When prompted, select your Roblox installation. By default, the file selection window should open in Appdata > Local. From there, find the folder named Roblox and press it once. Click on select folder on the bottom right.
  3. If done correctly, you should see a list of model files appear. This means it is working!

Adding plugins

To add a plugin, simply press the “Add plugin” button on the bottom left. Navigate to where you stored the plugin provided to you by a developer, then select it! It will automatically be added.

Removing plugins

To remove a plugin, select it from the list of installed BuiltIns and press the “Remove plugin” button. Remember, plugins created by Roblox cannot be removed!


This section is for people wanting to build the plugin to an exe themself. If you want to easily get started, just navigate to the releases page and download the exe from the latest release.
Alternatively, you can also download and run the python script if you have python installed.

To build this tool

  1. Install python. (make sure you choose to install pip!)
  2. Install the PyInstaller module using command prompt: pip install pyinstaller
  3. Install all the modules imported in from command prompt: pip install <module>
  4. Download the repository as a zip, extract it, and navigate to the extracted folder in command prompt: cd <extracted file location>
  5. Run this command in command prompt: pyinstaller --clean --onefile
  • This results in a few folders being created in your extracted folder. Open the folder named “dist”. There is your exe!

Obtaining the tool

To get this tool go here and download the builtinmanager.exe file in the latest release.


I realize that many people will be hesitant to download an executable from a stranger, so I provided the option to either build the executable yourself OR download the python script and simply run that. To do those things, go to the Github repository (linked below) and follow the directions there.

Virus warnings

Windows Defender may pick this file up as a threat. To use the tool, make an exception for it in Windows Defender. You can verify that it is not a virus by looking through its source code in the Github repository linked below. You have the option to build it/run the script yourself.


Github repository

To contribute, simply create a pull request in the Github repository with changes you believe are best. These can be anywhere from making the code more pythonic to adding features and fixing bugs. (Fixing bugs is greatly appreciated!)


Sorry for necrobumping.

But this isn’t again ROBLOX ToS since its count as a exploit for studio but its still count as an exploit since it allows users to have higher permissions in studio?