Roblox Studio Cannot Open Places

My studio client can’t open any of my uploaded places, or takes way too long even for something that contains a baseplate, a single script and a mesh.

This happens every time I start studio after a while. It can be fixed by logging in again, but it is too tedious to do it every time I want to work on something. Started yesterday and the program just stops responding until force closed.

Probably not an issue with my connection since it is stable right now.


This was happening to me a few days ago. Not at all sure what I did to fix it, but haven’t been experiencing it since.


It seems to be not working again (for me anyway)



I’m having this issue with large team create places
Trying to open it will cause studio to freeze indefinitely

[EDIT] heh sorry it was one of my plugins :sweat_smile:

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Try Restarting Your PC. See if any Programs are taking alot of resources in task manager. or Reinstall ROBLOX Studio.


Turns out it was corrupted :expressionless:

Had to restart the entire project.

Please file a new bug report with the new format if the issue persists