Roblox Studio Crash - Unexpected error

Since sep/04/2020, I don’t know why, sometimes when I try to play my project inside Studio, I get this error:

Roblox Crash
An unexpected error occurred and Roblox needs to quit. We’re sorry!

I sent the logs via DM:


The problem continues to occur, Studio crashes several times a day. Even upgrading to the new version 447.
More than a week has passed with this problem.
I have now sent a new log and dump files via DM:


The number of crashes has become unsustainable, impossible to work with Studio.
In order not to give up on Roblox and my project completely, I adopted a radical solution: I created a Windows 10 virtual machine inside my VMware Workstation, and there I only installed Roblox and related tools.
I have been working in this environment for 2 days without crashes.
This shows that something on my official Windows 10 is interfering with Studio.
However, you can’t blame my Windows 10, because of the hundreds of programs I have on it, and Studio is the only one that crashes.
I ask for a greater commitment from the developers of Roblox Studio to try to identify this problem.

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Hey Rogerio,
Sorry for the delayed response time. Our team is actively looking into the issue. If you could also confirm for us that this issue persists with no third party plugins that would help us narrow down the search. This can be done on startup via File->Advanced->Manage PLugins, disabling all active plugins, restarting studio, and then opening up places.

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Ok. I just got the new 448 version update of Studio now and let’s see if this could solve the problem by itself.
I’ll keep you informed.
Thank you.