Roblox Studio crashes a lot, causing a black screen

What is the issue?

As explained in the title, Roblox Studio crashes, causing a black screen. Let me explain it

What exactly happens?

The first thing that happens when the bug starts is that the screen will quickly flash (black screen for a millisecond, then reset back to normal), the screen will freeze, after one to two seconds, the computer will black-screen (light will still be emitted (backlight effect created when an LCD screen needs to light a pixel (Example can be found at, then after a second, the screen will turn completely black (no light getting emitted whatsoever), then after another second, it will turn back to the black screen with the light being emitted effect, and then the computer will reset back to normal, but with studio being completely whited out.


Here is an image of Studio before it crashes:

And here is an image of Studio after it crashes:

(Could not include pictures/videos of the crashing happening because it cannot be recorded with a recording software)

How does this bug occur?

This bug can occur very easily. I will be ranking the rarities of each way in the following ways:

  • Certain (100%)
  • Most likely (75% - 99%)
  • Likely (51% - 74%)
  • Sometimes (50%)
  • Unlikely (26% - 49%)
  • Rarely (1% - 25%)
  • Never/Uncertain (0%)

Here are the ways that this bug can occur (that I can remember at the moment):

  • Resizing a widget (Certain)
  • When exporting/importing, using the File Name (Windows default save/load prompt File Name textbox) (Most likely)
  • Moving a widget (Most Likely)
  • Going from Studio to another application/Mouse going out of Studio application bounds (When using a second screen) (Likely)

Where does this bug happen?

The bug occurs in Studio, no matter the game, testing or not, etc. As long as I am using the Roblox Studio application, this bug can occur.

What type of computer do you have?

I have a Lenovo Ideapad 320 with 12 GB RAM and an Intel i5 Core. Here is a picture of the system info:

When did the bug started happening?

Honestly, I cannot remember the exact date. When I first encountered this bug was during 2018, but it was resolved by October/November, so it did not bother me anymore. This bug started re-occuring somewhere around February of 2019 and has not been solved since then. When I re-encountered the bug, I waited a long time and hoped that it would somehow be fixed, but it did not. I did think of making a bug report multiple times, but then I said to myself that it was not worth making a bug report as it is not something that big. I did use Studio and avoided summoning the bug, but lately, it has gotten very annoying. As far as I know, it has not gotten worse, just very very annoying as I am starting to use plugins more than before and I constantly need to switch between two screens when developing.

Anything else to add?

There isn’t much that I need to add. I will be getting a desktop soon which will be more powerful and most likely not have this bug, but for the time being, I would enjoy if this bug could get fixed. I am sure that there are probably other people out there that might have the same problem as me but can’t report it/don’t want to. I could not find anything related that could fix my problem, so that is why I created my own post. Also, this is my first time making a bug report, so please correct me if I did anything wrong. Thank you for your time and effort.

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