Roblox Studio crashes when I try to type in a script

Yesterday my roblox studio was fine, when I opened it today it closed by itself when I typed a letter into a script, it happens to all scripts. I tried uninstalling all my plugins, reinstalling roblox studio, and restarting my computer, but it didn’t fix.

Weird. Does it show an error message or anything?
Try adding a part into workspace then type in a script. It might show you the “Would you like to save changes?” tab before closing.

I guess you will have to report it in #bug-reports:studio-

I dont think it shows error messages, I also tried you part into workspace strategy, nothing showed up, roblox studio just closes like usual.

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Have you tried to script on a different game? If it doesn’t work then I’m out of ideas.

It works on my other game, Also the game that it closes on is a Team Create game. I will test other team create games.

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I just tested another team create game, and it works in there too. Maybe we have to make a copy of the game? Also, if its team create do we have to reupload animations in the new copy or will they work?

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Yeah, probably best to try making a copy and yes, the animations will work.
If the problem is caused by a virus (very unlikely) then the virus might go to the copied game too. Try scanning for foreign scripts first.

Yes, It is happening to my friends too, should I post this in bug-reports?

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For the same game since it’s team create?
I mean if you can’t find any foreign scripts or viruses, you can try bug reports.

Is there a way to search for foreign scripts? And also, it still crashes with a new copy

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Top of explorer tab is the search bar.
Type in “script” and it will show all scripts.

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I deleted all of the unwanted scripts, but it still crashes, I tried making a copy too didn’t work.

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I am not sure if this is the cause, but a recent update that has been rolling out to users in the past few weeks has been causing lots of issues.
Link: Studio Design Refresh - Docking Overhaul & Ribbon Upgrade

For me, I cannot work on any games whatsoever. Editing scripts is a nightmare. Code takes over 20 seconds to render and studio runs at as low as 12 FPS. This is on a high-end MacBook Pro which, prior to this update, ran Studio flawlessly.

Nearly everyone I’ve spoken to has had some troublesome experiences after updating studio, so I would not be surprised if you are in a similar situation. Unfortunately there is no way to revert this update.

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The owner created a new place, and we copied everything back in, it was working flawlessly until like 30 minutes later the crashing came back.

And I thought my pc was being laggy as usual.
I kind of fixed it after reopening studio though.

Also, how do I make a bug report? Do I just use the tag or the actual category, and if so how because I cant seem how to send a post there.

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I think you have to have trust level “regular” to post on bug reports. I can’t post on there either.