Roblox Studio Crashes When Testing Experience

I wanted to report a bug that makes me really sad and, to be honest, mad too. Okay, so let’s talk about the problem first. When I am trying to test (click the “Play” button) on an experience, it sometimes works and sometimes it crashes Roblox Studio, and it closes without popping up an error or something. It automatically closes, which wastes a lot of time. Also, I have some videos about this bug. I have a laptop, and my operating system is Windows 7 Professional. Please don’t start answering to this forum, “Windows 7 is outdated, you should buy a new laptop”. Because I don’t have the budget for a new laptop. Please fix this bug. The first time I showed this bug was since the latest 2 updates. If I remember well, 2 updates happened: 1 pretty small update and 1 big update with some new features like steam mode on as default. Yeah, from that update, the bug started happening.

Below, you can see some videos I recorded to show you what I mean.

Log files were attached to the internal ticket by a Roblox Staff (@Focia19), due to the sensitive information they may contain, will not be shared publicly!


Are you sure it isn’t caused by limitations by the operating system (e.g memory or features)? I do agree with software being as compatible as possible, but I don’t think that software should be updated to run on operating systems no longer supported by the manufacturer. (Also that doesn’t look like Windows 7 to me)

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Hello @TestyLike3! I am pretty sure that it is not caused by limitations by the operating system (for example, memory or features) because, as you can see below in the system hardware requirements, I meet those requirements.

By the way, this is Windows 7, but without the graphics. I have removed them for faster performance. You can change them by simply changing the font:

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Ah, right. I didn’t realise that was a feature.
It does also mention that “There have been some issues with older AMD processors”, however I’m assuming you’re using Intel.
This might seem unrelated, but perhaps try changing the rendering engine in your Studio settings? It might also be good to see if any of those settings affect the problem. (Ignore any “scary” looking settings that might break Studio more)
It might also be good to check your compatibility troubleshooter. My friend couldn’t play Roblox for whatever reason since a recent update, but switching compatibility mode to “Windows Vista Service Pack 2” seemed to fix it.
Those are the only solutions I can think of at the moment, hope you can find a working solution soon though!

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This is happening to me as well. I consistently crash at least five times a day when I’m in Play Solo mode.
This didn’t used to happen, and my computer is more than beefy enough to handle it.


Starting to get this problem now.

I’m on Windows 10, 16 GB Ram, i7-6700k GTX 1650 OC. I’m unable to run Play Tests with a Local Server, instantly crashes studio and then the whole PC requiring a restart. Unsure of what it could be, not running any loops, or anything same with a baseplate.

Closing this thread as the OP found a solution to the issue!

Thank you!