Roblox Studio crashing when trying to load an experience

From today 07/12/2023 08:00 UTC, myself and other colleagues have been unable to load into an experience on Roblox using Studio. When we open the game, we get “an unexpected error has occurred” crash message.

I have tried loading a different Roblox experience, restarting my computer, relogging into Roblox, and opening the same place using a different device, all to no avail.

I have confirmed that other colleagues are experiencing this issue, and have also found that some developers on Guilded are also experiencing this issue with their own places.

Currently, this is affecting our ability to work and there is no workaround that I can see.

Beta Features

  • Notched Screen Support
  • Notification Overhual
  • UGC Bodies & Heads
  • Upgrade Shorelines

Expected behavior

I expect to be able to open each experience in Studio and then be able to edit the game as I see fit


I have tried downloading older versions of one of the affected places, and they all crash upon opening. I have the log files on my computer if you want to see them, although it looks like they also get uploaded to your infra servers anyway.

I had a peek at the dump file for one of the access attempts using WinDbg, now I am no expert at all with dump files or the analysis of such, but maybe this helps? This is all from my own investigation of course.


Hey, Sorry to hear about this! Could you try again and let me know if you are still seeing the crash? We released a new version of Studio this morning that fixed a crash introduced on Wednesday

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Hey Twberg!

Yep, I can confirm that Studio is working again. Our team are able to resume work now! Thank you for the swift response and fix for this issue!

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