Roblox Studio Crashing with ModuleScripts [Autocomplete Feature, happens 100% of time]


I’ve been experiencing a problem since last night (~11 pm PST, though it could have been an issue earlier). The problem occurs when you reference the script of a ModuleScript when requiring it. This can be replicated in any place instance.

[in ShopModule]

i.e. it will instantly crash when you type to this point: require(script
It does not occur when you reference the module normally (i.e. gems = script.GemPart), but only through the require()

It does not occur in a blank place with just a ModuleScript, but it does occur in every actual game of mine I’ve tested (3/3 so far).
Turning off autocomplete works to prevent this issue, so it is likely something to do with autocomplete, specifically the On-Type autocomplete setting

Detailed explanation + place file

I was able to open a 4th place and delete everything besides this stuff. There’s a folder in ReplicatedStorage called ‘Modules’, and a single ModuleScript inside it. When you type:

OtherModule = require(script

Roblox Studio Glitch - Autocomplete.rbxl (24.4 KB)

it will crash when you finish typing script. iirc this happens with any ModuleScript anywhere when done like this. I don’t know the backend of Roblox but it might have something to do with it auto-lookuping itself when the script word autocompletes, which causes an infinite loop and a memory crash.


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you!


Not sure if it is related, but when I press publish my studio crahes aswell and I just restarted my pc to make sure it was internal, and it was.


Same error type goes for doing packageLinks


We have found the issue and are working on fixing it.


This issue with require becoming cyclic for a short moment has been fixed.


I’m not able to reproduce the issue anymore.

Can you confirm if it’s still happening? @Avatar_Korra


I can confirm that it’s fixed now, thanks for your help :slight_smile: