ROBLOX Studio edit camera @ 4k, 125+% DPI scaling problem

I got a 4k monitor today and I am having problems with the roblox studio edit camera.
If the windows display scaling or whatever it’s called thing is set to 125% or higher, the the studio camera starts acting very weird and becomes hard to use.

This problem only happens if display scaling is set higher than 100%. At 100% there are no problems but I don’t use 100% because the UI is too small.

This is me moving my mouse left/right and up/down at 100% scaling:

And this is moving my mouse left/right up/down at 4k 150% scaling:

(The camera is very sensitive and moving the mouse just a little but up or down makes the camera go down a lot)
(Also I did not do any diagonal mouse movements)

I enabled HardwareMouse in “Game Settings” but that did not fix the problem.

The bug only happens in ROBLOX Studio. There are no problems in ROBLOX Player.

Enable “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” on RobloxStudioLauncher’s properties under the compatibility tab.

I use Roblox studio on a 4k monitor with 200% DPI scaling and I haven’t noticed any issues. Roblox studio in general doesn’t support high DPI and gets upscaled by the OS, and mouse movements should be downscaled by the OS as well. Could it be something else about your setup that’s causing this?

I don’t see that option there

Tried it with 200% scaling and it works fine. Looks like problems only start happening when the scale is a decimal number (x1.5, x1.25, …)
(200% is too big for me so I need to get it to work properly somehow :confused:)

Ah, then enable the Override high DPI scaling behavior. Try having scaling performed by Application, and if that doesn’t work, try by System (Enhanced). Might have to reboot to see changes.

I had the same problem, and changing the high DPI scaling behavior is what fixed it.