Roblox Studio: Exported .obj does not look correctly

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    Extract a model via Roblox Studio

  2. What is the issue?
    Sometimes objects don’t load correctly

  3. What solutions have you tried so far?
    Open the .obj in a few different 3D programs and apply the .mtl manually but with no success.

Hello, I’m a gfx artist and I make banners, game covers, etc… for Roblox. Sometimes I use Roblox studio to extract some models.

But sometimes objects didn’t load correctly.

Example: Gamer Wings ( 5313324044 )

Roblox Studio:

Windows 3D viewer:

As far as I can understand the 3D object is somehow extracted backward (opaque) and that’s why the texture is applied in that way.

If I open extracted .obj in Photoshop or Blender and load the .MTL I got the same result
If I open extracted .obj again in Roblox Studio - everything is fine :confused:

I’m unfamiliar with 3D files and I would appreciate any help.

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Any help on this?

And does the same thing happen to you in the example shown? Or is it just me?

I believe I found your issue, it is because the normals are flipped which is what gives it that rainbow effect. If you check double sided you can see what you get in those softwares. In blender I know you can flip normals easily but I am unfamiliar with other 3d programs

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the mesh uses flipped faces to make the rainbow outline effect, and it seems the program you’re using to view the model flips all the faces to face outward. i do not think it’s a roblox export problem, rather a problem with the program you’re using.

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I checked the DoubleSided option, but I got the same result. Thanks for the suggestion.
If you have any other ideas let me know, because that situation drives me crazy :wink:

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I’m using a standard 3D viewer that comes with Windows. When I import the .obj in Blender or Photoshop I got the same “rainbow result”. Can you suggest to me what program can I use to import/view .obj files without flipping the faces? I’m not going to do some changes to the 3D file itself I just need it to extract some HQ 2D files in the desired position for my projects. Actually is there a way/plugin to extract a .png file of the object directly from Roblox Studio?

No, but if you wanted you could put a black neon part behind the mesh to act as a greenscreen so you can just edit the background out in a photo editing program.

I just found that when I enable the Backface Culling in Blender I finally can see everything as should be. But when I try to render it as .PNG… it’s still not black but rainbow. I try to flip the normals but with no success. Argh!

Thank you for the brainstorming guys! I manage to do it via Blender!

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