Roblox Studio Extremely Laggy

I have been trying to use Studio for the past few days, however all of the sudden it has become extremely laggy. It lags my whole computer, yet this seems to be the only game that does it. When I am playing Roblox Player it runs completely fine, so I am not sure why Studio is laggy to the point of being unusuable.

I have restart my computer many times, tried uninstalling and reinstalling studio, and I’ve tried toggling Windows Game Mode. I am pretty much out of ideas, so any help would be appreciated.

Current Setup
Windows 11 22H2
Intel Core i7-10875H
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

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Current Setup
Windows 11 22H2
Intel Core i5-9400k
No GPU (Integrated)

I don’t have any problems with Studio, my specs are listed above. Did you only test Studio on a single game or did you try out multiple?

It starts getting very laggy once I open up studio in the first place, and before I even load in a game.

Check if you have any viruses, check for suspicious activies in your task manager, as a last resort reset your entire PC.

Thing is that Roblox Studio is the only application I experience performance issues with, everything else runs perfectly fine. I suspect the issue lies with Roblox Studio, I didn’t seem to find anything suspicious in the task manager either.

Check if its using your GPU and CPU fully.

As Jax mentioned. Use task manager to find the bottleneck, make sure your drivers are up to date, otherwise reinstall Studio, and at worst reinstall Windows!

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Thank you for that–I went though my processes and found the encoder was using like 80% of my GPU for some reason. After killing that task, the lag completely goes away, I’ll have to figure out why its doing that.

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If you don’t want studio to lag much then you should lower down the graphics which can be found in studio settings.

My issue was already solved. Reading previous posts in this thread would indicate that this was not an issue with Roblox Studio graphics.

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