Roblox Studio Font Distorted

Hello! Today I opened Roblox Studio and immediately noticed that the font had changed to a semi-distorted version of Fira Mono, perhaps similar to Courier New, or a mix of the two.

Below is a drop-down for screenshots.


I have updated my GPU drivers to no avail, as well as the recent java update, in case there happened to be a font rendering bug with the version I was on. No luck.

Studio has no setting for fonts outside Output and Script Editor. And this new, distorted font goes across all of Studio for me. Start/home page, auto-save recovery window, nearly everything, with the exception of a sentence or two unaffected (anything unaffected was in a pop-up window, like auto-save recovery).

I will reinstall Studio here shortly, and perhaps that may fix it. Will update if a reinstall leads to a fix. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

(My apologies if this is meant for another section of the DevForum. I wasn’t sure if this was legitimately a bug or something I enabled/disabled that needs to be reverted.)

Edit: I reinstalled Studio when I got the chance, and that fixed this issue. I originally forgot to mention that I also disabled all active plugins and still had the same distorted font. Now that this issue has been resolved, I am adding the bug tag.

Regardless, any feedback on this issue, whether from Roblox staff or other users, is still very much appreciated. And if someone with access to bug reports and can add this post to that section of the DevForum, that would also be very much appreciated. Thanks so much!

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your trust level is member, and members can contact @Bug-Support and wait for the topic to get approved, and you need to have the format you can get (look through topics in #bug-reports to find it)

what is disorted about the font? I don’t see anything wrong with it.

your trust level is member, and members can contact Bug-Support and wait for the topic to get approved.

My mistake, I was unaware I could do that. I’ll be sure to do that if something like this happens again.

As for what was distorted, nearly all of the on-screen texts’ font in the screenshot I provided aren’t as clear to read as they typically are.

After reinstalling Roblox Studio the issue was fixed and everything went back to normal. As shown here:

The difference is clear to me, though I can’t say the same for others’ perspectives.

this is a windows setting.

press the windows icon, type “view advanced system settings”, open the panel and click “settings” under the performance section. in the list make sure “smooth edges of screen fonts” is checked. click apply then ok.