ROBLOX Studio Freezes And Consumes RAM Over Time After Stopping Play-Test

When I try to leave play-testing in ROBLOX Studio, it freezes, stops responding, and will slowly eat up all of my RAM. Below is an image depicting ROBLOX Studio taking all my RAM:

And here is a video of the issue occurring:

I’d say the most likely culprit is the spawn script itself, which can be found in the place file provided:
JasonSpawnIssue.rbxl (177.4 KB)
Unfortunately, the issue cannot be replicated in this place file, and only occurs in mine for whatever reason.

My specifications are the following:
Ryzen 9 5950x
RAM: 128GB
GPUs: RTX 4060 TI 8GB, RTX 4070 TI 12GB (Primary GPU is the RTX 4060 TI)

Beta features enabled:
Everything except the new camera controls

Expected behavior

Expectations: Script spawns Jason Voorhees in every 2 minutes.

Reality: Script spam-spawns Jason Voorhees every second and crashes ROBLOX Studio whenever I try to leave play-testing mode.

I’d like to apologize if this may have been formatted improperly. I’ve not posted a Bug Report in years. While I have solved the problem myself by fixing the script’s code, the problem of freezing itself still remains.


So I’m trying out the game and nothing is happening when I press play.


Exactly. I already stated nothing happens in that file, but I think it was required for me to put it there.

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Update: I tried editting the script and pressed play and my game crashed and my ram increased so I’m pretty sure it is the script


Thanks for the report! Could you please provide logs and a microprofiler dump? You can find how to do that and how to send us the files here: How to post a Bug Report - Bug Reports - Developer Forum | Roblox

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From the logic this script is going to spam anytime the current time ends in 2,4,6,8. I would just set the wait to (120) to get what you want. I did see the spawning occur, but I did not see Studio lockup when I hit stop.