ROBLOX Studio - Freezing up / insane memory usage

Yeah, it’s also doing it to me.


Same issue plus the permissions page in game settings takes roughly 2-3 seconds to load, usually fails though.


Servers most likely died as adopt me hit 1.3 million today. I don’t understand a multimillion dollar company cant afford better servers.


update this is not restricted to team create, i have tc off and it’s happening to me


My studio is also freezing every 10 seconds, then 6 seconds later it returns to normal


also happening to myself & my teammates. studio is freezing and becoming unresponsive seemingly almost every time I tab out and tab back in

edit: now my teammates cannot edit the games they have edit permissions to. the 3 dots are missing entirely from the top right of the page


Can confirm this is happening for me to. Any time I do something pasting in some parts, copying something, editing a script studio might go unresponsive for period of around 5-20 seconds. This has not happened in the past and is just occurring to me today.

Might also be related but I am getting this error when ever I alt tab from one group owned place to a private baseplate with no packages.


I’ve also been having studio issues (freezing, and being unresponsive) lately whenever I use the building tools (select, move, scale).

I’m not sure if these issues are directly related or not, but they’re both definitely affecting development.


Everyone in my TC has this issue, we can’t join because it crashes after a few seconds spamming those messages. It only seems to happen to places that had packages enabled prior to this happening. Opening a new place w/o or adding packages to a new place doesn’t cause the issue. It’s definitely related to packages. Maybe the package provider API is down due to the adopt me event increasing website traffic a lot?

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Same here, except I’m having more issues Play Testing. Every time I test play in Studio, the game unexpectedly crashes after playing for ~ 1 minute (occurs about 50% of the time).

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Yep, I’m also having big problems with Studio. When I attempt to Play Test, it is taking about 2-4 minutes for the game to start! It has also crashed on me a few times the last 15 minutes.

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Yea this is rather annoying/strange especially when im trying to code. I feel like Roblox have really messed up something kinda big here, hopefully they notice this thread and others similar to this and get a quick response/solution to this.

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My studio begins to freeze when I am in the script editor, tends to happen completely randomly and to not specific cause.

Are any of y’all enrolled in the Beta Channel/have “Enable New Lua Script Analysis” enabled? I did, and after disabling it, I’m having fewer problems.


Interesting, I do believe I have it turned on, I guess I should try that.

I don’t, and I still experience all of these issues

Okay so it may be a roblox-end issue, this thread is 2 years old and as of today everyone started replying with new problems.

Nope, issue still appearing to happen, but correct its not happening as often.

Great, tried to move a single model that consists of 4 parts, And it froze.


I type a line of code and it froze lol.

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