Roblox studio freezing when ungrouping or duplicating objects

Hello everyone, I’ve been building a Titanic game, however every time I try to ungroup one of the wall models I made, studio imediatelly freezes, this is happening not only on my Titanic game but also in any game I try to ungroup models, even empty places, it also slightly freezes when I duplicate an object

I am sure it is not my PC, I have a Six core processor and 8GB RAM, + a 1 GB videocard, this whole thing began happening in this month, Since I never had issues with studio before.


How many parts are in your models that you ungroup? No matter how good your PC is, you’ll never be able to group more than 80,000 parts or so at once without at least a good half a minute of waiting.

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19 parts so far, I used to ungroup it with no issue like last month, but like recently it started to behave like this

Looks like I found out what was causing such, un-installed both Archimedes and some other plugins there, It’s behaving normal now it seems, thankfully

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It was actually not Archimedes and yes some “anti lag” plugin I’ve found on the toolbox x3

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