Roblox Studio Game Lag

I am working on a game with over 60k parts however me and the other developers are receiving constant amounts of lag when we move our cameras, the lag is also happening in game but we are more worried about studio as we cannot get anything done without the lag. I know it is a part problem since even with no scripts the game still has lag. Help would be appreciated. Thanks

In high part count areas there is gonna be lag, especially with lower end devices or future lighting.

I deal with the same issue trying to work in my cafe game which has noticeable lag in studio whenever I go into high part count areas. My laptop is almost a decade old and the graphics setting in studio is high and I use future lighting, so it’s not surprising.

Whenever I played Roblox I got tons of lag. To remove it, I opened up the Roblox files, went to platform content, and put the textures in the trash can. It might work for Roblox studio as well.

What do you have for items in the high parts-count areas?
If you have a lot of Unions, Lights, or shadows it may give you more lag there.

I have had this problem too. Its pretty annoying how much of a crap connection it can have. Happened like a million times to me and it takes over 2 minutes to load and its pretty annoying how much this can be. But generally the most annoying thing about studio is the lag.

The whole map is laggy, we do not tend to use unions, mostly just parts and meshes and for lighting we use shadow map but even on compatibility it has the same amount of lag therefore i do not believe it is a lighting problem.

That’s super odd, do you have any plugins installed that could be doing something? I’m not sure of any plugins that have done any harm, is this a possibility?

Sometimes you may be accidentally dupplicated too many parts in the same positions, try to find and delete them. Make sure to low your graphics setting in the Roblox Studio until you face no more lags. The lighting will also cause lags, especially the future and shadow lighting, so if you can, try to change them. Finally, if none of them above work, then you will have to remove some unnecessary parts!

I’ve also heard of the Plugins issue, especially when you have a group build and multiple builders.
Make sure any plugins you have are from the original creator, not a copied version which may have harmful scripts that add issues to your game.

You say 60k+ Parts, but how big is the baseplate of your game? If it’s 60k over a 100 square stud base then of course you will have lag issues, but if they are spread over a 100,000 square stud base then you shouldn’t get much lag at all.

Do you have all those Parts as CanCollide, or Touchable, or Unanchored? These are factors that’ll make them more draining on your computer.

That got me to thinking, if people used the BrushTool plugin in TeamCreate, would the BrushTool storage be duplicated in ServerStorage, or throw the plugin code out of wack?

Have a look in ServerStorage…

I have confirmed with the devs and none of them have any suspicious plugins and again like me, they are only experiencing this issue on this single game.

We have tried to turn our graphics quality down but to no success.

The game is 60k studs over a 4k stud square and all of those parts a Anchored.

I am really out of ideas on what it could be, we have been trying to solve this problem to no success. I will send you the game link and you can see what i have been talking about. But even if you cant figure it out, thank you for your time it really means a lot.

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Have you tried copying a version and opening it up in a single person Studio setting?

OK I tried the game on minimum graphics and my CPU usage dropped pretty decently but the fps stayed about the same. It’s using about 1GB of memory, and with that being the only thing in the red, must be something being loaded in. I’ll follow up with a checkup using my PC instead of my phone, and dig through the devconsole for high memory objects. One moment.

Yea ive done that still no success

Alright, thanks for helping out

Ok thank you to everyone who contributed to this, i have finally found the issue to this lag problem. Thank you all