Roblox Studio: Graceful Updates

I don’t think I have never experienced these shut downs in studio, is it those is it those kinda rare days that i cant save or publish anything?

This is like a god saver. Yes thank you. Updates have been really annoying and have caused a lot of pain when I am doing something. Just thank you.

No more pressing ‘Create test server’ and the entire studio force-shutdowns!


Just got a studio update… and got all of my instances of studio shut down by force. This also didn’t work when I had the beta feature enabled. Now there’s no beta feature and I still get forced shutdowns

I’m on OSX, if that matters.

From the original post, this is Windows only right now:


Finally. Another great update method. Goodbye force closing studio when an update is available!
It was really annoying when I have to release an very important update for another game that I am invited to team create to and I have to release it in 30 seconds, Roblox studio closes for an update and it takes ONE MINUTE for studio to reopen again. Thank you for making this change.

When I enabled safe studio updates back in December 2020, studio was STILL closing ALL my instances and deleting all the important work I have done. This has persisted for me for almost a year and a half. When Studio needs an update, I like how closable prompts will appear so I can update studio when I am done with my important work. (finally…)

(I am on macOS 11.6, MacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2020 (1.1 GHz Dual Core Intel Core i3 processor))

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It released ages ago, you will only see it if you are in studio and the admins push out a studio update.

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This update still has some work to do. I been working on a code for like 30 mins at least and I diddn’t see that studio needed update then I clicked “Show error in script only” in that script error view thing and it gave a popup saying studio is outdated so I pressed ok then it closed my studio instantly without saving my script. I couldn’t of saved it myself it done it instantly soon as I pressed “ok”

It’s not the same popup that was showed in the video it was in the middle of the screen.

And now my studio doesn’t update. It’s stuck as this.

It won’t let me download or Un install the app so I can retry.

Update: It took like 5 mins to count that I clicked download / un install and now everything is loading at once and upgrading. Ill let u know if it all works after it.