Roblox Studio: Graceful Updates

Hi developers,

Wednesdays will never be the same. Remember last Wednesday? Not the same as next Wednesday or any Wednesday ever again.

This week we are happy to begin the rollout of a brand new update process for Studio. The process is graceful, meaning no more forced shutdowns on Wednesdays! Instead, you will be given a prompt requesting an update, which can be applied at your convenience. (This should be a definitive fix to a long-standing issue)

The moment you have all been waiting for… the video.

Now, a couple details you should be aware of since this is a rollout…

We are starting with Windows. The same flow will be coming to Mac soon.

  • This week:

    • Everyone will receive the old update flow to get the changes for next week
    • Anyone can turn on the “Safe Studio Updates” Beta feature. This will opt you into the new flow for next week’s update. FYI - If you are already opted into this Beta feature, you will automatically get the new flow
  • Next week:

    • Anyone opted into the Beta will see Studio gracefully update for any update flows triggered from within Studio itself! Updates triggered from the web or desktop shortcut will still force a Studio shutdown (don’t worry - we’ll get this path soon!)
  • Shortly thereafter:

    • We will start a percentage-based migration to the new update flow
    • We will reach 100% rollout (give us a few weeks to confirm everything is stable)
    • We will make backend changes that enable the new update flow to be triggered from all Studio launch flows. This means that even if Studio is launched from the web or desktop shortcut, it will update gracefully

We will update this thread as the rollout completes or if any issues are reported. Please be aware that you may receive the old update flow for a few more weeks as we roll this out. That’s expected. It will be there soon!

Massive shoutout to @Subcritical_alt and @e6782518 for the heavy lifting!


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Is there an announcement wave happening, loads of updates are coming out at once

I use Clone’s Mod Manager to load Studio which makes this pratically useless to me.

Obviously, I care about the UX of other users, not just me. It’s cool to see Roblox not kicking users out on Wednesday evenings because Studio updated.

It’d still be nice to turn this off, since I feel this could break if someone uses a custom launcher like me.



I have a question and that is, will this prevent Roblox studio shortcut from being deleted & readded to my desktop, because I have roblox studio shortcut on my taskbar, but everytime it has updated, it has removed the shortcut and put it on my desktop.

Looking forward to these updates.


Finally, no more having to sacrifice my progress for a weekly update! I can’t thank you guys enough for this feature, it might not be that important to many, but it’s nothing less than a blessing to me! :raised_hands:


Yeah I got everyone on a call and said they had to start shipping everything. Not really, but this is a great compliment to the company pushing the product forward.


This is unrelated to that issue. The team is aware though.


We’re quickly running out of things to complain about :slight_smile:

If Studio would automatically reconnect to team create when waking from sleep, that would solve the last instance of unwanted shutting down. Didn’t expect to see this fix so suddenly after so many years :pray:


Is it national Announcement Wednesday? I agree there’s been an influx of announcements today.

This is definitely a nice update. The constantly forced updates were getting very aggravating. Glad there was a fix for this!

One thing I’d like to point out:
The “Update Now” button is really oddly placed on the right. I think there should be an “Update Later” option in grey. It would make more sense, in my opinion, and look nicer.

Or you could move the “Update Now” button to the middle as well


In the future, could there be an option for desktop notifications when Studio has rolled out an update? I’m usually not looking in the place where the “Update Available” text is, and a notification would be handy!


This has forever revolutionized my perception of Wednesdays. Thank you. Honestly, I can’t believe this was ever a thing we put up with.


I know that for Windows, Roblox consistently creates a shortcut in this folder when they update.

%appdata%/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/Roblox

You can make a .bat file or similar that will always open the studio shortcut from this location & change the icon to Roblox studio. Then you’ll have a shortcut that won’t be removed on updates.

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What an update! This is one of my biggest pet peeves of studio. These new features are great!

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Sorry, I don’t know how to do that. Any other ways?

It shouldn’t break anything with my mod manager unless they’re making a substantial protocol change to their bootstrapper, which doesn’t seem necessary with this change.


This is awesome! Thank you. Suggestion, try to make the update modal a little more centered. Since the button is on the right it looks a bit odd. Or, add a cancel button or something or “remind me later” idk

Edit: Oops I just realized @TheSuzerain said the exact same thing lol


I don’t know what to say other than…

Roll out Studio!!! :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:


Never thought I’d still be alive to see this. Amazing update. Also, welcome back I think.


This will be a very helpful update. I don’t know about forced shutdowns on Wednesdays but asking/popping a message instead of updating directly is more polite less rude. Should have come since the beginning though.

That’s seriously “umm…” A for loop on it for every day of weeek.

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The Update Available prompt will appear whenever an update is available, so it should be fairly noticeable. It will wait to appear until the Studio window is focused if it is minimized/out of focus, so if the update comes in while you are doing something else, it will be front-and-center when you return to Studio.

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Great update! Do I understand correctly? Is there a wave of announcements going on now?

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