Roblox Studio In-Game Toolbox GUI

Hello, I’m wondering if It’s possible to create an In-game Roblox Studio Toolbox GUI that actually fetches models/decals/++ and displays their icons and names with the ability to actually insert the models when clicking on them.

I know of an old model which actually did this, (so I know It’s possible) It used old stamper tool scripts to insert models and actually displayed the toolbox. Weird enough, I can’t find it anymore, and It was old enough that it never did fully work in the first place.

How could I achieve this? Any help would be appreciated.

InsertService - in order to actually get the selected model in the game.

In terms of fetching toolbox models, decals, etc, you can probably use this.

An example URL to get models would be: You’d have to use a proxy, as well as HTTPService to get the data from this though.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll try it out.

If you’re going to use InsertService, you can only insert Roblox models, or models you own in your inventory.