Roblox Studio is affecting my Mac's Performance

Hello all,

This is a very annoying series of bugs(?) that are affecting my Macbook’s Performance, such as that the screen starts going black for a few seconds when switching applications, and occasional crashes for no apparent reason. Sometimes, when plugging in the battery, it randomly starts to lag very hardly, even if the graphics are all the way down to 1, and after a while the lag eventually does stop. It even happens with an empty baseplate. All of these bugs happen OCCASIONALLY and RANDOMLY too. I’ve tested it by force quitting Roblox Studio, and when I do that the bugs above do not happen so it seems to be a Studio bug.

I’ve also noticed that the Explorer lags occasionally too, when trying to look into models’ parents.

I’ve tried replicating these bugs, but as they happen randomly and infrequently, I can’t seem to be able to replicate them in a frequent way.

Could anyone assist me?

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