Roblox Studio is attempting to receive audio stream

Not too sure which category to put this in, but I feel a lot of people in this one might know what this is.

I loaded up studio today and got this notification from kaspersky:


I have booted up studio loads before however have never had this pop-up. Presumable this notification means studio was requesting access to my mic, I clicked ‘Block now’ as I know studio does not need it.

Would anyone possibly know why this was requested? I always get a bit panicky when software tries to access mic + webcam or whatever when it shouldn’t.


They may be making this change in anticipation for… something. I guess just block it for now.

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Good 'ol Kaspersky. I had it for literally one day before getting rid of it. It really didn’t like Roblox when I tried it.

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If you’re an intelligent human being who doesn’t download random crap, Windows Defender will do you fine. Otherwise, get COMODO or something. Paying for stuff like Kaspersky is a dumb idea.

On the subject of the actual error, maybe it’s preloading some audio.