Roblox studio is breaking down for me

its like overlapping the top menu not sure what to even say tbh

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Closing and opening the place fixes the issue, but it is weird.

You can drag out the toolbox and simply dock it back.

idk whtas even going on everything is breaking by the second

I don’t understand either. I think it might be a studio update. When you open explorer or other tabs like that it overlaps with the top menu. I was off studios for a month and came back to this update. Personally not a fan :upside_down_face:

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i dont blame you this update aint working out too well

It’s funny every post I see has issues due to this update it’s personally almost hard to work with. I waste time having to click out and double click this. Roblox please fix :cold_face: :weary:

Look closely. That is not the problem. However, I know what problem you are referring to and you can fix it with the same instructions below.

To OP:
Studio has been breaking due to an update to several layouts. To potentially fix the issue, delete studio data (will delete docking and layout information and studio settings, but it is worth it to fix the problem)
Here’s information on how to fix the problem: