Roblox Studio isnt updating? instead its making me reinstall and wants access to my documents folder

For some reason. roblox studio wants access to my documents folder (it usually has never done this before), im not really much of a tech savy person but when i tried opening it, it gave me a notification saying that it was out of date and needed to be reinstalled. usually when i tap on it and its out of date, it just updates and then opens. this is really weird, and im worried that some thing else might be happening, i installed roblox studio from the official website.

UPDATE: (ive reinstalled roblox studio again, nothing seemed to change but can someone explain to me what happened?)


This might be a bug going around. Try to:

  • Read this Support Article, and scroll to the “Delete the Roblox Folder” section (requires you to uninstall both Roblox and Studio).
  • Install Studio from the Creator Dashboard.

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