Roblox Studio keeps randomly crashing for no reason

I can’t report website bugs (which is ridiculous as everyone should be able to) so I’m just going to ask if anyone is having an issue where if you try to save a model your Roblox Studio just closes out completely. I tried to save a fountain I was working on. I spent a long time working on it and when I finally tried to upload it my Roblox Studio just completely closed out and I lost all of my progress. I will now have to make the fountain again and all of my other assets I was working on.

Is there a way to stop this and are you having the same issue? It’s ridiculous that I can’t report this issue on the forums and the fact that this is even a thing is just downright ridiculous as well.

Rip my progress and all of my other assets lol :skull: :face_exhaling:


edit: I forgot I had autosave on so I recovered my work but this is still an issue…

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This has been happening to me too! I’ve had it happening since last month with no fix. I left a topic on this same forum section and no replies either. Sorry this is happening, I wish it could be helped… :sad:

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