Roblox studio lag problem


I have a big problem with Roblox Studio. When I’m launching it everything is fine, BUT when I open any of my projects or a regular basic baseplate, the studio gets so laggy, and idk why?. Like I have a good pc and it’s crazy. I try to uninstall and reinstall Studio, but it does not fix the problem. Does anyone know the solution to this? I really wanna work on my current project, but with all of the lag I’m getting I literally can’t do anything and it’s so sad. :sob:

PLS HELP ME! :pleading_face::pray:


Provide more information, such as PC specs, OS info.

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Okay, I have:
- GTX 1050Ti
- AMD 1700 Ryzen Eight Core
- 16GB Ram
- Windows 10 64-bit

I’m sorry for the late response, but I was busy.

That was very quick, not gonna lie. Can you provide your active plugins?

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I would run a virus analysis plugin, I use GameGuard Anti Virus V2.5 [ALPHA] - Roblox if you can spare the 160robux. It really does help but I would try alternate options before spending robux as this may not help. Also check if there is a humanoid in the workspace.

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Thanks for your advice. I will try it when I can. :slightly_smiling_face:

It shouldn’t the problem since it isnt a virus in this case.

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