Roblox Studio logo and wordmark redesign concept

The Roblox Studio logo has always been an outlier next to its more beautiful cousin, the Roblox logo. I thought it deserved some attention and love, so I decided to redesign the logo and wordmark altogether.

I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think. Maybe Roblox Studio deserves this glow up.

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“How would you react if Roblox Studio changed its logo and wordmark to this?” / X
“Is this the glowup #Roblox Studio needs?” / X


Really love the simple yet beautiful design hopefully it gets the attention it deserves!

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Thank you so much! :smiley:
I’ll try to make more work like this in the future!

All it does is take away the blox from Roblox. It’s quite generic and doesn’t offer anything unique

I appreciate the feedback, tried to bring more Studio into the blox part. The original Roblox Studio logo still felt dated even after recent changes (to me).


It is minimalistic, fitting in with the style that most companies nowadays are going with their logos. I love this design, good job on it.

The best work may not contain the most complex designs but is pleasing to the eye and expresses what they symbolize.

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