Roblox Studio Major Performance Issue

Every single time I open up a place file in Roblox Studio, the frame rate of the whole program drops significantly low, which happens even on a new baseplate. This was especially apparent when testing in “Play Solo”. Testing with with a separate client and server performs a lot better, but still not perfect. This issue has been going on for around the past 6 months for me.
Today I updated my Nvidia GForce graphics card driver to Version 416.34. With this version I get an incredibly low frame rate doing anything in Roblox Studio, even hovering my mouse over icons in the explorer takes about 3 seconds. However, when I switch tabs from studio or click on my taskbar with studio in windowed mode, everything functions perfectly fine. That is until I click back in studio. This issue only happens in studio, playing any game that isn’t in studio works perfectly fine.

I took a look at the Microprofiler and got these results. You can see where I clicked back in studio from when I switched tabs in the frames.

Here are my system specs.

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What’s your graphics mode? Does changing it solve your problem?

Please see this thread and related threads linked within. Maybe you have the same issue?

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I will try this.

The issue resides with PluginGuis. I’ve documented the issue here:

For whatever reason, I haven’t been able to draw much attention to my thread. It’s causing me so much trouble that I’ve basically halted any game development for the time being. I literally have to delete PluginGuis in order to raise the framerate to a useable level.


I have actually disabled all plugins and then reinstalled Roblox Studio. So I doubt that those plugins are even linked to the new install of studio.

Thank you so much! I switched to OpenGL and it is a solid 60 FPS!!

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