Roblox Studio Malfunction

Alright, so let me first start off by saying this.

  • Never had an issue with studio before.

  • Some studios work for me still.

  • It is a group game studio file that is causing the issues right now.

Now here is the issue I am experiencing.

  • I load into the team create group file.

  • all I see if the default sky.

  • then when I try to move or turn in studio the entire editing field where you work and move objects goes black.

  • I can not get out of that view.

  • I can not zoom in or out of this.

  • reinstalling studio and reloading multiple times has not helped.

  • logging out of roblox and back in multiple times has not fixed this.

  • At this point its safe to assume that this is a roblox sided issue.

Please fix this issue for me ASAP. This is a major inconvenience for me as a developer on roblox.