Roblox Studio Mod Client Name Ideas

I doubt this is the correct topic (or if there is even any topic that would accept this)

So, I’m making a roblox studio mod client (kinda like curseforge, but for roblox)

And I pretty much need rather decent name ideas, I was thinking of naming it “Blizzard Client” or “IronForge” (inspired by CurseForge), but I kinda want the name to be Unique.

What is that?
Sorry il new to this and I don’t have any idea what that is

CurseForge or the thing I’m making

What is CurseForge? That’s what I was asking if you misunderstood

CurseForge is a gaming website where you can download video game modifications and add-ons for titles like World of Warcraft, MineCraft and StarCraft II (Taken from google)

I normally refer to these programs as modification clients

Okay, I don’t know how you would call that, but maybe:
I’m not good with names sorry :rofl::rofl::rofl:

all good, but the name that you said is quite questionable :skull:

I don’t understand, why is it questionable?
(I’ll change it for now)

I meant it as in “strange”, but it is a good starting point, I might change it a bit if I use it

Okay, I thought it was suspicious, I’ll re-edit the reply

How about “Ludus Client”? Ludus means “Game” in latin (I chose latin because we use the latin alphabet to write and latin is also one of the roots of our language. And your modding client is growing on roots. (Idk if the corrolation makes sense but at least I tried)).

that’s a pretty good name ngl
I will think about it

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for anyone else that wanna help out with the name, just know that this is a Modification client for roblox studio, which basically lifts all restrictions (hopefully) that the current one has, also allows intensive theming of the studio panels (explorer, properties, etc)

(Studio from Latin and Mos from Latin, meaning modifier)

could use some changes here and there, perhaps change it up a bit without the word “studio”? I might also use this in a different form for the launcher that I’m making for it

i think it should be called bloxforge
sounds kind of classic roblox-y and still some curseforge aspect

Mod Injector. Simple and should explain everything

I sorta like that name. I’ll probably make some poll on discord for the name based on y’all suggestions