Roblox Studio Move - Not working

Roblox Studio Move - Not Working

Hey developers lately I’ve had an issue with the roblox move (not the move tool) Normally when you click on a part and hold on it you can move it, but I’ve been experiencing a bug that doesn’t let me do that.

Do any of you know how to fix this - If yes please tell me as this is very annoying while I’m trying to build stuff.

Thanks for reading.

I do not know If this is the right category to post this on I apologize if it isnt


You are probably in the wrong tool, maybe you set it to rotate or to scale the part instead of moving it.

I’m using the select tool, normally when using it by you can drag a part.


Is there any part overlapping other part?

Nope, there isnt. ||3O Chars||

Pls share video for it. With explorer tab

kk i’ll record one rq. ||3o CHARS||

Its floating in sky move cursor over other object. Use ctrl 5 tool

ctrl 5 tool? what is that, i don’t understand.

The transform tool is broken due to a typo :confused:

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Press ctrl 5 then drag. A good feature.

Okay, I’ll test it out! I’ll notify you if it works.

Your move settings might be set to a large number.

No It is 0.001, and that used to work perfectly…

Forgot about this post, solved it myself, I reinstalled studio.

Haha! I am glad you did! When did you resolve this??? :rofl::rofl:

~4 months ago, when this post was 3 months old.

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where can i change this setting

every time i move a part they get sent to extreme coordinates