Roblox Studio nearly unusable

Is anyone else having issues with Studio today? As of a day or two ago Studio crashes almost every time I Play Solo or get out of Play Solo. It was just Team Create as first but then it started happening again when I worked on local files.

Not sure what a reliable repro is, was wondering if anyone else was having issues. I’m on Win10


Yep, studio is crashing almost every time I press Play Solo - been happening for the last few days :frowning: Also crashing when I close studio…


Yeah and when I union-ed a brick the loading cursor was still going so I can do normal things in studio but the cursor is different

It’s crashes a lot for me as well when I go into test mode.

What I mean

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I’ve had general issues where I load studio and it just crashes. I couldn’t really find a repo method

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Yeah, studio crashes time to time, don’t why but it has been happening this month many times.

Tho it tells me I lost Internet Connection, I checked right before it, and my internet was working perfectly fine.

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I have lots of annoying Studio issues, but it hasn’t been crashing for me in the last 48 hours or so. Win10, 980m.


Heres a couple of problems i noticed:

  1. Studio crashes when publishing and hitting play solo (usually sets it up when published 2 times)
  2. Studio’s script editor breaks some character representations and they look glitched (randomly after publishing) (this used to be a ‘v’) Weird bug
  3. Sometimes there are unnecessarily long delays between starting play solo and spawning into the game
  4. Ctrl+F and other script menu binds cease to function at all anymore and its frustrating
  5. (More game related too) Controller input is less accurate and also self-disconnects frequently when chatting, tabbing out, or using an interface

Whatever they did is screwing up the game and i hope they fix it soon


Do not bump very old bug reports for issues that likely have a different cause.

Current ongoing / recently resolved(?) issue: