Roblox studio not finding my folder inside my tool

Im using WaitForChild, ive tried FindFirstChild, with that it just passes through and without the WaitForChild or FindFirstChild it still cant find the folders.

local Tool = script.Parent
local Player = PlayerService.LocalPlayer
local Animations = Tool:WaitForChild("Animations")
local Events = Tool:WaitForChild("Events")
local Config = Tool:WaitForChild("Configuration")

There is no error message with waitforchild it just deletes the tool (Method of welding is cause of the deleting of tool), if it cant get past the waitfor child it cant weld my tool so idk what to do. WIthout the WaitForChild it just cant find it


This is my layout atm.

Edit: To above i found out what i should of done…

What i did was load the character before finding the folders.