Roblox studio not showing errors in scripts

I recently have encountered a problem in roblox studio where sometimes errors don’t show up in the output. The only way I could figure out to make the error show up is put a breakpoint in the script where the error would normally show up. Also, if an invokeserver causes an error, now it only shows in the client script where the error is but not in the server script. Is anybody else experiencing the same thing?

It’s normal, you need to add print statements to debug because there could be scenarios where a findfirstchild is returning nil, but it’s technically not an error etc.

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Yep, if you are working with a LOT of “if” statements that rely on specific values or settings, or external variables I always suggest adding an else that returns a print incase something went wrong.

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The thing is if I add a breakpoint anywhere in that script, then the output log will show an error that happens in the script. So it’s an actual error which doesn’t show up.

Maybe its not an error but rather your code isn’t working as expected.

lets say you had a script that was supposed to decrease everyone’s health in the server by 5 once per minute.

maybe some of the logic in there was wrong so instead of decreasing it, it did something completely different, and the code doesn’t know that isn’t the intended result, but because what it is doing is technically not an error but rather an operator error it’s not gonna return an error, maybe it was increasing it by 5 or changing the name of a value to something else.