Roblox studio (official game websites, FOR HIRE) 1 cent per line for all files

Hi there!      :wave:

I’m new to Roblox Studio/Roblox. But that’s fine!

I do know a TON of website coding though, so I can make a “official game website”

DM me if you want to do that. I will create a website at first for you, and if you do not like it, I will create a whole new version of that website.

Websites: (not advertising, hosted on glitch/github)

  • (you could also try they are both in beta)
  •, (Webvr try inspecting, using Ctrl+Alt+i)

  • P.S.

    If you want short messages try using at the end of your message this code: (it will disappear if its out of a code block, and cannot be highlighted)

    <h1 style="display:none;">30 chars</h1>

    Formatted with HTML


    Also, let’s say you paid me one cent. That is one line worth of code in js, css, and html. (so three lines I guess!)

    More sites to showcase coming soon, others are private so that’s why I showcased little of them.

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    What does this have to do with ROBLOX?

    Game updates, Insider things, patches, community things, and anything that has to do with the game. The website gets updated via Discourse DM at the moment.

    Why can’t the code be coded in ROBLOX is what I meant. Sorry for the confusion.

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    Good question! The website could be used with forums and can have tweets on there and in-game codes.

    I suggest making the coder do their code in ROBLOX, as they may not feel safe doing it on a website they don’t know.

    I’m friendly, and both agree and disagree (friendly) at the same time. The thing is, aren’t “x” the admin of the site and, “x” already paid for the site that they wanted made.

    Alright, that’s just my opinion. Thanks anyway.

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