Roblox Studio Performance Tab not showing bug


I am encountering an issue in Roblox Studio where the Performance tab is not visible. Despite having my Graphics Mode set to Automatic and ensuring that my GPU is up to date, I cannot find the Performance tab in the View tab.

Here are the details of my setup:

  • Graphics Mode (on Studio): Automatic
  • GPU: Up to date (RTX 2060)

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  • Opened Roblox Studio.
  • Navigated to the View tab.
  • Looked for the Performance tab, but it is not present.

Actual behavior: The Performance tab does not show on View tab on roblox studio.

I have already tried the following troubleshooting steps without success:

  • Restarting/Reinstalling Roblox Studio.
  • Updating my GPU drivers.
  • Verifying that my Graphics Mode is set to Automatic.

I would appreciate any guidance or solutions to resolve this issue. Thank you in advance for your help.

Expected behavior

The Performance tab should show on View tab on roblox studio.

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some of my friends have the same issue now bruh

I’m double checking with the dev team but I’m pretty sure this was removed as a part of the work to get rid of the “No Graphics” option in the Studio settings.

Does the Performance widget provide functionality that you can’t otherwise get from the View > Stats toggles?

Yes, the Performance Widget indeed provides crucial functionality to obtain specific memory data that is not accessible through View > Stats toggle. Without it, it would not be ideal for monitoring and optimizing the performance and memory usage of the game. So, it is a valuable tool to track and improve the games’s performance, security and memory usage.

OK thanks for the additional info! We’ll talk about this to see what we can do to bring it back.

I had the same issue. but turns out you can turn it on by playing the game and turning it on while playing in the settings (when you press the ESC key)

Thank you for your response! I truly hope that it will definitely be reintegrated/fixed.

It should be back if you restart Studio. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Its working again. :smiley:

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