Roblox Studio Plus

Hello! Let me introduce you to RobloxStudioPlus. A plugin with different features that RobloxStudio doesn’t have by default. So far these features include:
-Anchor All
-UnAnchor All
-Highlight Important
-Clear Highlights
-Part Count
-Texture Parts
-Delete all

Most of them are pretty self explanatory. I know that there already are textures inside RobloxStudio, but what the plugin allows you to do is texture a part in all sides/faces by simply typing the texture ID and hitting apply.

Plugin link: RobloxStudioPlus - Roblox

If you have any questions I will gladly answer them.

I will try and update the plugin as often as possible.

Please note that this plugin is new, if you find any bugs please report them.

Here is a video of how everything works:

latest update: Roblox Studio Plus update 1


This sounds like a cool concept! Can’t wait to try it out!


Selecting the workspace and hitting anchor/unanchor does this for you

The escape key(Esc) does this already


Yes, I know but there isn’t a specific button that would do this so I thought why not add it.

I don’t know if it is only me but the escape key does nothing.

what does this mean exactly?

some explanations on the features, and possibly some pictures/videos/GIFs would be very useful to show off your creation and properly inform users


These are already possible with the current tools given to us.

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Yeah, for anchor and unanchor all, press control + a and press anchor, easy.

Texturing parts is pretty easy to do, it’s a feature that Studio has.

Clear highlights I don’t understand what that is, only useful thing is part count

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Sure, I will do that! So sorry for not being clearer!

While the concept is nice, I myself don’t see the need to unanchor every single part, My entire map would fall and be destroyed.

Don’t know what is considered “Important” is this something like a tag you set yourself? If so then that this highlight important feature might be useful in some cases.

Part count and Texture parts do seem pretty useful, Not having to texture every single face of a part but being able to do it at once could save a bit of time, And the part count certainly would save me from having to insert one or create one.

Some tools sound useful, But please elaborate how exactly highlighting and anchor all will work.

I think the Roblox Studio has a keybind to Part Count

I don’t feel like this that special to be called ‘Plus’, however textures is useful even though it is very easy to do manually.

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Yes, It is a tag that I set myself. It is meant to see more “important” parts easier when there are a lot of other parts in that region, or be able to see them easier from further distances. On the other hand, Clear Highlights clears all the highlights that you have set.

I will provide videos of every feature in this plugin ASAP.

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I haven’t heard of something like that myself, but Thank you!

I will be adding more features very soon! As for the name, I meant it “Plus” as in more features(+features).

Not trying to rag on the resource or anything, I can see how keybinds in the form of buttons may be easier for some people, but this seems a little redundant?

As others mentioned, ctrl + a then hit the “Anchor” button

Same as above

This is something roblox studio doesn’t have by default, but people can use Selection boxes, and adornee to the part, and make it yellow and copy and paste if needed, but it would be easier in the form of a button so I think this is really the only useful thing here

Same as what I talked above here only removing the adornee on selection boxes

Keybind for this.

Ctrl Shift 1 if curious (this should show detailed game stats)

This can make texturing maybe easier? But in the end you’re still having to manually fetch the ID and plug in just like you would with a normal texture, so redundant.

ctrl + a then backspace.

Then again this is new so hopefully you’ll add things we don’t already have or make more processes easier. Nonetheless, cool.

(also is it just me or does the GUI of the plugin feel a bit to big and in the way? idk.)

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Hey, I’m here to ask some questions.

  1. What came to mind that you thought you should make this plugin?
  2. Why should I use this plugin over the default Studio tools, which seem easier to understand?
  3. What are some upcoming features you plan on adding?
  4. Why did you name this Roblox Studio Plus, although these features are already in Roblox Studio?
  5. How many installations do you think this will have at the end of July? (I would assume 10)

I saw RoBuilder’s video on the AutoAnchor plugin and so i thought why dont I make something like that except add more features.

For some of them there aren’t any default tools, or they are more complicated then using the plugin.

Mass welding
Adding objects into ViewportFrames more easily
Hide all parts except highlighted

There will be more to be added.

So far it has 21 installations so I would assume maybe around 30 or 40 if i keep updating.

This is great and all but when do we get Roblox Studio Minus with even less features than normal roblox studio?

You can delete all on roblox studio just by pressing Ctrl + a and then the delete button