Roblox Studio Publishing Error

Good evening!

For the last couple of days I’ve been trying to publish my game from one place to another. Whilst doing it, it either crashes or gives me the following error:
Error while publishing: Failed to upload union. Exceeded limit. Try again in a few minutes.

I’ve been trying everything, deleting some things in the game, reinstalling Roblox Studio, Restarting my computer, had others trying to publish it, trying to publish it from a local file, trying to create a new place to publish it to, trying to create a new experience to publish it to, but no luck. I’ve also tried to re-publish a version of the game that was able to be published before, but that also didn’t work.

It has been annoying and I have a deadline for the release on the game. I appriciate any response regarding this issue.

All the best,