Roblox Studio Recording


I appologize if this isn’t in the correct location as I wasn’t entirely sure where to toss this as it’s sorta of an odd question. Is there a hidden setting at all to change Roblox Studio’s recording software from a VMW file to a MP4 file? I can’t seem to find a setting for this? VMW files make it hard to share short clips over Discord as it forces the other person to download before viewing while MP4 files automatically display a thumbnail with a play option. Other softwares record using MP4 files by default but studio doesn’t seem too?



I have a half answer to your question. No, I do not think there is a way to change the file for recording. I do know that if you have a windows computer/laptop, you can click the “Windows” symbol and then click “G”. There will be a recording symbol that you can click. If you record that way, which is how I record things, it turns the video into an MP4 file.


Alright, thank you. I usually use xsplit when recording games but for recording small studio clips it’s annoying having to open another software just to record a 30 second thing. I keep forgetting windows has it’s own recording software build in though. I’ll use your idea then lol