Roblox studio refusing to open any places properly

Sooo i’ve been trying to open a place in the new studio… and im honestly about to end it all man.
It just opens like this and refuses to show me the “separate window” with the visuals

I’ve trying relaunching studio, reinstalling it, updating it and everything like that and it just completely dosent work anymore!!
It seems that the new update they did added nothing but bugs
Is there a way to fix this?

Did you have two monitors connected at same time to studio before?

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No. I’ve always had only one monitor

I know this is silly, but u’ve tried just dragging the separate window onto your studio space?

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I can’t even touch the window :sob: i’ve found a solution though. seems that it just dosent load correctly on the first try so you’ll have to wait a minute and then try to load it up.

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