Roblox Studio sending a CRAZY amount of data through my WiFi in spikes

Can confirm I’m having this issue too. It only occurs when I insert a model with a high triangle count.


It goes back to 32 kbps once the studio instance is killed.

Can also confirm having this issue too. Even though my entire internet package only supports 10 Mbps upload, if I do certain things like unioning many parts in any Team Create-enabled sessions, Studio goes “uploading” with like 90 Mbps for me. This also ACTUALLY caused my entire home internet to be suspended for an hour and the ISP emailed saying that my home internet is suspended for few hours due to suspicious usage and telling me to check my entire network for malware, while turns out Roblox Studio with me union-ing 60 cylinders was behind all of this.

Due to the auto-triggering things my ISP have I can’t really reproduce this bug in video recording.


Shouldn’t this of all things be a major issue that has to be addressed? If this is causing people’s internet to lock up (other than just quitting studio every 5 minutes 10 times over,) then I’m surprised it has been an issue for practically a month now.

Extremely disruptive, and it’s been extending into playing games normally for the past few weeks for me as well.


Is this still occurring for anyone? Roblox has been ghosting my bug reports as of lately and I havent been receiving this bug, so I am not sure if they silently fixed this or not.

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is your internet stable? i think you should check your internet data, sometimes my internet data get vanished.

No. it’s not.
if you haven’t installed any plugin, then it might be your internet problem.

I have a similar problem to this:

I’ve found that this seems to consistently happen when attempting to create a union operation while in an environment with team create on (I have seen it happen in solo places, but not consistently.) The amount of data sent is even able to crash my modem and often needs a solid 10 minutes to restart.

Also having problems, when loading in large files like everyone else in a game with team create it loads very slowly and then just stops at a point, sometimes if you keep trying and trying eventually it’ll finally be “synced” and finally publish, it seems to be happening in games without teamcreate aswell.

I’m really ticked off with this, it’s making development extremely irritating.


Having this exact issue and this isn’t the first related thread I’ve seen.

After inserting any model from local files that’s larger than a few parts, the model will have difficulty loading, will not load in fully, or will take an absurd amount of time to load fully. Immediately upon insertion studio loses connection to the server and stays red in the indicator circle. Network usage spikes after insertion and does not slow down until the running instance of studio is closed. After about 5-10 minutes of running the studio will crash. This is occurring in a team create studio. I’ve experienced this issue editing solo and with as many as 4 people in the studio. During this time I am unable to save, publish, or load in other files. My network is strong and runs smoothly otherwise. In some instances studio crashes without even needing a model inserted. It’s making it impossible to make any sensible progress on my current project and is extremely frustrating. As of right now I’ve hit a wall and cannot proceed until this is fixed.

Why has there been no response from staff on this? In the past I’ve been impressed with how quicky support responds but these topics are being ignored and this has a huge impact on ability to work on experiences. I hope this is at least addressed soon.


Any updates on this? This continues to be a consistent issue for studio and the game client on my end.

I have another post open on this too for almost a month.

@Focia19 Hi I am sorry to bother you on this, but any way we can get updates on when this might be looked into? Been trying to reach out to the developer assisting us with this bug a few times with no response.

I am having this happen yet again.


It’s very very frustrating how roblox studio can take down my entire internet. Why has this not been escalated?

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Just curious, does it only happen in studio, or also in the game client (whilst playing any game, not just yours)?

Just studio. You must also have team create on

This can easily be reproduced by generating a large 4000x512x4000 size terrain. The connectivity icon in the top right will turn red and attempts to publish will stall forever and spike your data up to 100Mbps.


I am extremely upset about how it appears that nothing has been done about this yet. This has happened 4 times today.

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Hey everyone. We made a few changes on our end. Can you try restarting studio to pick up the new changes and trying to repro again?


It still happens to me occasionally, both on the ROBLOX Studio and Game Client. However, I have noticed that the amount of times I have to restart or rejoin either instance has reduced by a measurable amount.

This still continues to be disruptive and makes playing certain games that utilize Universes much harder to reconnect to, and makes VIP servers nigh impossible to play unless you have somebody keeping the server up for you.

that instead sounds like a problem with your internet. When you have team create enabled, the syncing mechanism will send a whole bunch of data.

Since it seems to be Team Create related, just curious what size data is in maps and games of those experiencing the issue?

I haven’t had any issues with my internet on other applications or when utilizing Studio outside of Team Create.