Roblox Studio Uninstalling All Plugins

Hello, I’ve come across a problem:

While I was installing a blender plugin, Roblox Studio updated. I opened Roblox Studio to find that all of my plugins were mysteriously gone. I am not sure why this happened but it still continues.

You see after I tried reinstalling them all, I opened studio only to realize that they had uninstalled again.

Opening studio uninstalls all the plugins on studio, and reinstalling them will only allow one plugin at a time until studio is closed, where it will then be uninstalled again.

I have no idea how this glitch happened, but I can share screenshots of this.

This is after I attempted to install “Moon Animator”, the popular roblox animation plugin, closed studio, and reopened it:

If anyone can help me with this please do, thanks!

You can file a bug report here: @Bug-Support.

You can go into your files folder, go to roblox studio, open the properties module, and manually delete the plugin from there. I believe this is the solution.