Roblox Studio using up to 90% of the processor

So when using Roblox Studio Lately in 2024 , there been a increasing in Heat.

Device : Mac M1 Pro , Apple Silicon.
Wifi Connection : 50Mbps

Apps opened: Roblox Studio , Safari , Discord and Messanger.

When did it happen?
When playing test run on studio to test my machine
It started to heat up to 74 degree and using up to 90% of the processor

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 20.47.06
Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 20.47.23

It also happens on roblox games.

I believe maybe the apps are not enough optimise to fully utilise the cpu/gpu usage properly?
and it draws lots of power

Power Consumption (when i opening a world)
Upto: 1Amps-1.7Amps from battery :frowning:

From what I remember, Roblox runs largely off of your CPU, so most of the strain to run these games would fall on the CPU. So, it makes sense that your CPU would be finding itself being heavily used and overworked by Roblox. I don’t know how old your device is but I believe that it is simply not able to handle Roblox’s heavy reliance on the CPU.

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Its a 2021 Macbook Pro M1.
Also the graphics are on lvl 1 , it does run smoothly on lvl 21 but i want to reduce power consumption.

Roblox only uses the CPU? but what about the GPU?
I hope they optimise it more…

World of tanks on max graphics being even more detailed uses less processor and heats 10-20% less

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Yeah from what I see Roblox doesn’t really seem to tap into the GPU much at all, on my primary device I run a 4070 super and I find that Roblox never uses over 1% of it and uses 20-40% of my CPU at almost any given time. I wish Roblox would make it run more off of the GPU if a device has one but I don’t see them doing it any time in the future.