Roblox Studio Windows XP-like glitch w/ windows duplicating

EDIT: To clarify, this happens at random, but mostly when resizing the window-- or even dragging across a window within Roblox Studio.

This is NOT on Windows XP, it’s only dubbed so because it looks like a similar glitch that happened on that operating system.

The images are self explanitory, other users in the DevForum discord report the same issue.
This often requires a reopen of Studio for a temporary fix but not even guaranteed.

Switching to rendering mode of OpenGL from DirectX11 seems to have been a temporary work around.
And yes, I’m on updated drivers.

My specs are
RTX 2080
Windows 10

I call it Windows XP Glitch because this:

And there seems to be no definitive name for that.


A bit off-topic but “failed screen-drawing refresh” or something similar is a good way to describe it since it’s describing when software draws onto the screen for the current frame but doesn’t remove the last frame.