Roblox-style Tarot query

So I thought of making Roblox-style tarot cards with characters and users that best represent each Major Arcana. (Tower, for example, would be a classic Spire being damaged with two Noobs falling off.)

However, only one particular card teeters between both shades of grey concerning the ToS advising against references to dating. The Lovers.

(Rough Concept)

The card I’m planning features PixelatedCandy (Pink) and Taymastar (Blue) as a reference to them being married in real life. This design half-matches the traditional Rider-Waite card which has a man and a woman on the sides.

This card potentially being rejected in all forms worries me since I plan to use the most-notable Major Arcana cards in a Roblox project in a minor form and likely for a UGC hat in the future.

Would this current concept be accepted despite the face value?
If it could, what could I change on the plan to meet the ToS?

Note: The Lovers can also refer to strong platonic and family relationships, not just romance. One of the official Toys is even a Bride!


I think in a puritanical society such as this, “lovers” has a physical suggestion. If the meaning in tarot also means friends and family, one option then would be to re-imagine this specific card to match that instead. Ideas can be abstract and if the other cards are obviously tarot cards then you’ve accomplished your mission. Meanwhile someone familiar with tarot would also get the idea, knowing that it is similar to the lovers card.


A platonic version seems interesting. Any ideas for something like that?

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Simplest in my mind is a Love card. Perhaps with a heart and mom/dad/kid or if you want to be even more generic a puppy in the heart with big cute eyes. A puppy or kitten is relatable to most. Depends on how the card is normally interpreted by the broadest audience. Perhaps a kid and a pet. Mom holding a baby is another. Just a heart alone also.