Roblox Support giving inadequate help

On October 16th I was hacked and my limiteds were sold, then all my robux given to a suspicious account with a nooby free avatar, that is now banned.

And yet, Roblox Support insist that my account “was not compromised at that time”. According to them, they can restore my stuff, as a one time courtesy. That’s all well and good except they refuse to even acknowledge that I was hacked. It’s been almost a month, and 20 emails later, I’ve gotten nowhere.

Have you been given good help by Roblox Support before? Is there anywhere else I can get help?


I think you should learn from mistakes. Sometimes these are something that can’t be prevented like breaches. Keep begging support. I know many cases when robux was not restored because of a roblox issue like hiding purchase prompt. This happened again in 2022 to my surprise they did it without rollback. Roblox refusing to restore robux in 2021, then 2022 they do

Been pushing for a while. Haven’t had a reply since last Sunday… was compromised on the 16th October. Crossing my fingers.

Roblox support is pathetic. Ig you should keep trying until it’s too late

Hoping that some supervisor will notice my ticket has been open for over a month and will do something about it.

Turn this to #development-discussion

Oh thanks. Didn’t think it belonged there because it isn’t technically development.

You’ll get more help and attention if you turn it like that

Don’t worry it is. There’s moderation post, I don’t see why those are not locked