Roblox Support should have photo or video access

The Issue
As a Roblox developer, it is currently inaccessible to send proof or evidence of the issue through Roblox Support.
Today, people report issues or ask instructions through accessing the Roblox Support website, though how about if the issue is related to a report?
For instance, a person who reports an exploiter normally needs evidence because if they just use the report feature lacking evidence ow without proof moderators will most likely just ignore the report and count it as void. I will also personally say this is an inconvenience because of the fact, that they will just ignore the report.

Feature Request
Roblox should add a feature for their website in the Roblox support category that could allow users to send images or videos of the incident of the problem to the support team so they could properly provide support for the users as they could see the issue through photo or video


This is not necessary given the first reply is always a bot response and after that it’s handled via email where you can add any attachments you deem necessary, I would advice you use well known formats else the sources may not be viewed under security concerns.

As an alternate request adding the ability to attach images / videos to the report abuse button would be greatly appreciated

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Well, actually, I’ve thought about that many months ago, but there might be tendencies that some users may start putting clickbait or fake photo evidences when they impost this feature, just to get somebody falsely banned.