Roblox Support Visual Bug

Reproduction steps:

  1. Open Mobile Roblox App

  2. Press 3 dots on the menu below

  3. Scroll down and press “Help”

  4. Open literally any article

  5. Scroll down until you see “Need more help? Contact support here”, press on this hyperlink.

This is what you will see:

Reproduction steps video / Recorded by another person

Expected behavior:

Roblox Support page appears as normal / No visual problems / No problems with interface interaction

Actual behavior:

Roblox Support page appears as visually bugged and is difficult for new users. Mobile users are not able to send a ticket.

Issue Area: Mobile App
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


We’ve filled a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and will come back as soon as we have updates!

Thanks for flagging!


It appears that it’s not just a visual bug. You can’t commit any interaction within this page.

Impact: Medium → High

It is proper to change the impact status as in editing in the post’s description above

This issue has not been fixed yet.

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I was unable to reproduce it
I think this issue is now patched

This issue has not been solved on our end. What OS do you use?

This issue seems to be fixed by now as I wasn’t able to reproduce in any circumstances while following the steps

This problem has not been fixed on our end. What OS do you use?

I used iPhone XR for this case! Perhaps it may be good verifying the version of the Roblox application in the context of needing to update/reinstall :slightly_smiling_face:

If the case persists, it may be good to specify what phone model the user is having trouble accessing the support page

One of Roblox employees was able to reproduce this issue. At that point it wasn’t required to mention any OS characteristics. We haven’t received any updates regarding this problem. Our team used Android to reproduce this issue.

Just a heads up, mini-modding is against DevForum rules. Roblox employees would request any other information if they need it to perform any other actions towards this concern.