ROBLOX: Survivor Game Rules

Game Rules :leaves:

To ensure everybody has fun experience while playing our games, we need to keep our environment positive. To do so, we have implemented a set of game rules. These rules must be followed in every Roblox Survivor game during, after or before an official season.

You are not allowed to:

1. Exploit

2. Use any slurs / display racist or homophobic language

3. Troublemake*

4. Demean (trash talk) the host

5. Season Hop^

6. Attempt to use a Fake Latepass

*Troublemaking refers to interfering with the season. More information can be found here:

^Season hopping refers to leaving an official season in order to participate in another official season that has just started.

Our game moderation team moderates by these rules, if you break a rule you will likely be temporarily game banned and lose a group rank.

You can find our game board here: Trello

To appeal a game ban, you can do so by joining the RS Appeals Server, which can be found in the #links channel in the main server.